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About Us

We are one of UK's leading discount websites providing a great many promotion and money saving information. The OK Vouchers website has stepped into a fast growing period in the year of 2010.

Great Saving for Shopping
We have already reached agreements with more than 2,000 online suppliers, which assures continuous updates of valid discount information and exclusive promotional codes. It is always easy and convenient for our users to find the vouchers they need.

Just search for the stores and choose the offers you want, you will be led to the purchase page with a simple click. Money will be saved as soon as you enter the discount code we provided before. There's nothing fussy.

Three Types of Promotion
Voucher Code: Provided by our partners, all vouchers are free to get with detailed information such as the expiry date at OK Vouchers website. The only thing you need to do is enter the code correctly at the pay bill page. Just contact us if the code doesn't work.

Hot Deals / Offers: We cover nearly all kinds of products such as kid items, games, electronics, fashion, home & garden, health, communication and more. We also include some of the best service products from travel, dating, insurance and credit card to hotel and flight booking. All the products are carefully chosen with affirmance and authorization. Any problem occures during your purchase, please contact our customer service.

Free Email Alert
The OK Vouchers email system will send the top 30 promotions every Wednesday and Friday to subscribers. After registration, our members can also join their favourite stores to get emails about certain discount information.

Become OK Vouchers Member
Just click the link below to complete the registration. Any question about the operation please contact the customer service. More about our partners and information releases please email to