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ASDA Pharmacy
Hot deals & discounts For July 2015

ASDA Pharmacy sources the latest deals and the newest discounts as many as possible for it regards your benefit as the top priority. By searching the product at ASDA Pharmacy can you know all the information of this item like its material, color, size, brand, price, features, key function, benefits, uniqueness, use direction, care, holiday destinations, best spots, exquisite cuisine, rich culture, fun activities, top hotels to stay, the routes how you can get there and other useful information. Sometimes, you may even find other discounts coming along with this order such as free delivery, free returns, freebies, multibuy savings, several years warranty and more. Arrange your fund organizedly to avoid the unnecessary expenses!

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List price :£ 66.03
Retail price :£40.99

Now you can save 38% for Alli 84 Capsules And Alli Diet Plan Book at ASDA Pharmacy . The pack contains the alli 84 capsules and the alli diet plan book. alli is for adults who are overweight and have a BMI of 28 or over, who want to lose weight and understand the importance of eating sensibly when trying to lose weight. If you know what it is like to get on the scales and not lose as much weight as you were expecting, alli could be just what you need.
Added 4 years ago. | End Date Ongoing
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List price :£ 30.25
Retail price :£18.79

Now you can save  38% for Frontline Spot On for Cats at ASDA Pharmacy. Frontlline Spot On for Cats is for the treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.), ticks (Rhipicephalus spp., Dermacentor spp. and Ixodes spp.) in cats, and as part of a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis, where this has been previously diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon. The product controls infestations with Felicola subrostratus biting lice on cats. FRONTLINE Spot On Cat can be used in kittens from 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 1kg.  
Added 4 years ago. | End Date Ongoing

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